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К слову о скидках на одежду!

Feb. 19th, 2012 | 11:33 pm
posted by: cornery_ru in brynmawr2011

Магазин брендовой одежды информирует о снижении цен и больших скидках на модную брендовую одежду известных брендов и дизайнеров. Фирменный ролик 30 секунд - Вам понравиться youtube.com
подробности акциив группе  vk.com/menswear 
а так же на паблике vk.com/stylebook

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Come see Will Shakespeare's "What You Will" Live at Club 12th Night

Jan. 19th, 2009 | 12:38 pm
location: Bristol, Pa
mood: excited
posted by: brtstage in brynmawr2011

Come see What You Will at Bristol Riverside Theatre!

Life is one big soap opera in Illyria - a country where everyone is very much in earnest, but also a little insane.  The social center of Illyria, Club 12th Night, marks the boundary between games and masquerades and the business of the workaday world, a place where pranks and disguises, playful games and folly rule. 

A shipwrecked woman enters the fantastic Club 12th Night, beginning a chain of events that lead to an astonishing conclusion.  Mistaken identities, intrigue, music, a beautiful heiress, merry drunken revelers, and a spiteful servant merge with a hip–hop rhythm in Shakespeare’s enchanting tale of revelry and love. Hopeless romantics will be captivated and pranksters will discover the ultimate joke. 

Directed by BRT's Artistic Director, Keith Baker and Donald Byrd, acclaimed Broadway choreographer (The Color Purple) and Artistic Director of Seattle's Spectrum Dance Theater.  Original hip-hop score by Justin Ellington.  Set and Costumes designed by YOUR VERY OWN Hiroshi Iwasaki, Lighting designed by Ryan O'Gara

Visit our Myspace page to find out more about What You Will and the rest of our exciting season!
Visit our Blog for an inside look at the making of What You Will!

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New Disguide!

Jan. 17th, 2009 | 10:07 pm
posted by: jastenreadsmuch in brynmawr2011

Someone's just posted a new Disguide in bad need of reviews: http://www.disguide.co.cc/ Go forth and contribute :-)

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Prospie questions

Jun. 22nd, 2007 | 08:08 pm
posted by: pearl_bracelet in brynmawr2011

I am unsure if this is the correct community to post propie questions, if not please indicate where I should.
1. I am half French half American and am currently going to high school in Geneva, Switzerland and therefore diversity is very important to me. I have read that Bryn Mawr is very diverse, do you find this to be true?

2. Is it difficult to find a boyfriend at Bryn Mawr, I hear that most girls date boys from Haverford? In general I like having guy friends, is it hard to find guy friends?

3. When I visited a student mentioned that you can get a masters in French Literature in five years, is this true? I am considering studying French Literature or Comparative literature, what are these departments like?

4. How often do the students go into Philly? I need to be near a city but I would still like a campus and hence BMC seems like a good fit.

5. What is your least favorite thing about BMC? What is your favorite?

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(no subject)

Jun. 1st, 2007 | 12:25 pm
posted by: stay_____loose in brynmawr2011

hi, i'm stephanie; i like facebook more than lj. but i'm obsessed with bryn mawr, even though i don't live there yet.

i am a left-handed left-wing vegetarian, and i'm glad that's not so unique here. i like swedish bands and match game 74. i'm used to having more than one best friend. i like to be funny. i like parties, big and small. i like baking and just laying outside. it takes a lot for me to get bored. i clean fiendishly. i know you, madison schaeffer. you clean too.

i like idioms, anagrams, stupid cliches, scrabble: words in general. that is all.

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About Time

Apr. 25th, 2007 | 08:35 pm
posted by: anorwegianwood in brynmawr2011

Wow. I can't believe it's taken me this long to think of joining this community.

I'm Claire, and I'm a current freshman living in Denbigh. I swear I'll be more interesting later, but that's really all I have to say at the moment. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

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Another Customsperson Introduction :P

Apr. 22nd, 2007 | 02:29 pm
location: Merion
mood: procrastinating
music: "Cheers Darlin'" Damien Rice
posted by: herberta2006 in brynmawr2011

Hey! My name is Hannah, and I'm going to do Customs on Merion 2nd next year! I actually live on Merion 2nd right now, so I'm (literally) just moving across the hall, and I could not be more excited. At this point, I know everything there is to know about Merion. I'm a history major, and I may or may not be concentrating in Gender and Sexuality studies as well. I work prep shifts in Rhoads, I'm the treasurer for the Campus Girl Scouts, and Anne and I are trying to start Roller Derby. If you have questions about any of those things, feel free to ask! I'd love to help :D

I love Bryn Mawr so much, and I've never regreted for one second that I decided to come here! I can't wait to see you all next fall!

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(no subject)

Apr. 15th, 2007 | 03:44 pm
mood: curious
posted by: rhapsodica in brynmawr2011

Hey everyone! My name is Melinda, and I'm going to be a member of the class of 2011. :)

I just have a couple questions about banking on campus. I'm trying to figure out where I should open checking/savings accounts here in CA, and also considering how convenient each one will be once I get to Bryn Mawr. The only banks in the Bryn Mawr area that actually exist here in CA are Bank of America and Wachovia. Bank of America would be most convenient for me here, especially since that's where my dad has his account, but I don't want to have a hard time once I arrive on campus in August. There is only one Wachovia location near where I live (and a little inconveniently located at that), and we are unfamiliar with their services, though I've heard good things.

So I suppose my question is... which bank do you think is most convenient? Is there an ATM on campus that works with either of them? Any other thoughts on which is the best option? I would be getting the student accounts at either one, unless there's some reason why I shouldn't...

Thanks for any advice! I'm really looking forward to meeting all of you this fall! :D

Oh! I also had a quick question about Bryn Mawr Grants, but I'll put that under a cut.
HereCollapse )

I'm posting this on both brynmawrcollege and brynmawr2011, so sorry if this shows up twice for you!

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On Friending

Apr. 13th, 2007 | 01:50 pm
posted by: bohorseok in brynmawr2011

Some of you have been nice enough to add me as friends, and I owe you an explanation for why I haven't returned the favor.
My journal is extremely personal. I don't even mean potentially embarrassing, just personal. For that reason, I feel really uncomfortable about allowing anyone I haven't met in person to read it. However, I will be at the open house this weekend, and if I meet some of you there, I will be happy to add you to my friends list.

--Becca R.G.

PS--Wow, way to be brusque. Sorry about that, just not feeling very verbose today.

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another introduction from the class of '10.

Apr. 11th, 2007 | 03:33 pm
posted by: i_llbthere4u in brynmawr2011

so i don't think i've officially introduced myself here yet and that seems to be the latest trend.

I'm Naomi and I'm currently a freshman. I live in a two room double in rock which is one of the smallest freshman doubles I have seen here, but yet it is quite spacious compared to what you'd find at most other schools. I applied fall ED last year and have pretty much been madly in love with bryn mawr since i first toured spring break of my junior year of high school. I'm a math major and possibly minoring in geology. I'm hoping to do the AB/MA program meaning I'll graduate in four years with both a bachelors and a masters in math. awesome opportunity if you have transferrable AP or IB credits. Extracurricularly I am in Lavender's Blue (the oldies a cappella group) and JSU (Jewish Student Union). Ask me about anything related to any of this. I love talking about bryn mawr because it's just that fabulous. Also, I've taken classes at Haverford and know people at both Haverford and Swat, so if you have questions about tri-co relations and/or the transportation system, i'm pretty knowledgable in that area as well. I'm going to be on a panel at open campus days, so maybe i'll see some of you there. also, Lavender's Blue is performing that night for all of you at 9. please come because we're premiering a song that i arranged and have the solo in so it should be a fun time. if i don't see you then, i look forward to seeing you in the fall. have a great rest of senior year!


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