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another introduction from the class of '10.

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Apr. 11th, 2007 | 03:33 pm
posted by: i_llbthere4u in brynmawr2011

so i don't think i've officially introduced myself here yet and that seems to be the latest trend.

I'm Naomi and I'm currently a freshman. I live in a two room double in rock which is one of the smallest freshman doubles I have seen here, but yet it is quite spacious compared to what you'd find at most other schools. I applied fall ED last year and have pretty much been madly in love with bryn mawr since i first toured spring break of my junior year of high school. I'm a math major and possibly minoring in geology. I'm hoping to do the AB/MA program meaning I'll graduate in four years with both a bachelors and a masters in math. awesome opportunity if you have transferrable AP or IB credits. Extracurricularly I am in Lavender's Blue (the oldies a cappella group) and JSU (Jewish Student Union). Ask me about anything related to any of this. I love talking about bryn mawr because it's just that fabulous. Also, I've taken classes at Haverford and know people at both Haverford and Swat, so if you have questions about tri-co relations and/or the transportation system, i'm pretty knowledgable in that area as well. I'm going to be on a panel at open campus days, so maybe i'll see some of you there. also, Lavender's Blue is performing that night for all of you at 9. please come because we're premiering a song that i arranged and have the solo in so it should be a fun time. if i don't see you then, i look forward to seeing you in the fall. have a great rest of senior year!


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from: existentialove
date: Apr. 11th, 2007 09:26 pm (UTC)

hey naomi, i'm gaby, a sophomore, and i'm also in an ab/ma program, but for french. i have heard good things about the math program from a lot of people. i just want to clarify for the little '11ers that you don't need ib or ap credits to do an ab/ma program. i came to bryn mawr with no aps or ibs or anything and i will definitely be able to do this program, with another major (which has a thesis, art history). i'm able to do that, only taking 4 classes a semester, because:
--i had a lot in high school and tested out of french grammar and into the first literature class, which is a relatively advanced place for a freshman to be, i was with mostly sophomores and some juniors.
--i did summer programs (i don't know how this works for the math ma): bryn mawr has a program in avignon that gives you credit, so i took 2 ab courses there last summer and am taking 2 ma courses there this summer.
--i plan to start both theses a summer early and i have an extra summer to finish my french thesis

i just wanted to show another successful ab/ma experience and let interested people know that they can definitely accomplish this without pre-existing credits. i guess what you mean is that to do this program one has to be adequately advanced coming to bryn mawr. that's definitely true. i'm excited, naomi, that you're this ambitious as a freshman. good for you! i hope some of you pre-frosh are looking into programs like this. bryn mawr is small and caring and will make this work out for you if you work hard!

gaby '09

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